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:: 1.11.09 ::


It's a glorious new year and we have some bits of news for you. First, Moral Calculus is now available on CD for $12.
The shiny disc contains the same music as the digital download, but in higher quality and with printed artwork
and lyrics. We plan to start shipping orders on Tuesday, January 27th. Second, we are finally bringing our music
to a live stage. On Friday, February 27th, we will be performing a new song at Hillsdale College in Michigan.
A coordinated dance will be performed during the song, and you'll be able to grab a CD afterward if it tickles your fancy.


:: 9.2.08 ::


After a year and half worth of hard work, Moral Calculus has finally landed on the Interwaves.
Click here to nab the 57-minute long seamless album for $4. (You don't need a PayPal account.)
Full track listing and other information is available here.
All full-length purchases include a 7-page PDF booklet featuring artwork and lyrics.

(Comes in eleven high-quality 224kbps VBR MP3 files.)


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